Ok, this is my first written intervention, so first an foremost, I can’t tell you how happy I am to have you (yes, you) here reading this, an even more so, reading this strip. Ok, as I write this, there is only one issue out, but stay tuned as every tuesday there’s a new one coming out. You will probably see my art more than you’ll hear me, because that’s the point of this site: getting you stuffed with a new strip on a weekly basis.
In case you are curious about me, you can go see my personal site which showcases what I’ve been doing in the last years, but right now, the most important thing is of course that you come with us on this adventure called Get Stuffed, that you share your feelings and opinions about what we’re doing, and primordially, that you have fun doing it.
On of the fun thing with this strip concept is that it is based on a TV show production, so it engulfs all the show’s characters, but also all its crew, management staff as well as other people around them, so we’re talking about a huge cast as well as a huge setting for stories taking place most of the time in three panels. We will get to know a lot of people.
While it may be a bit disorienting in the first weeks as characters are introduced, often one by one, on a weekly basis, and we are instinctively looking for a “main” character to follow, it will allow us (“us” being the reader, but let’s face it, also the authors, even though we see things happening a bit beforehand) to understand what this comic is about from a universe point of view rather than a hero point of view. Ok, by saying this, I might be blowing a punch here as I am kind of revealing that Stitchford Bear that we presented in the first strip is not actually the main protagonist of the series,.. but then again, you might have understood this as the comic’s tagline is “the everyday story of a videogame heroine trying to make it in a world of puppet” and it would be a bit disappointing – somehow – if our heroine was this Teddy…. unless she’s his handler… in which case I would be blowing another punch, so let’s hope I did not, anyhow, you will find out on tuesday when the next strip is out… or you maybe you won’t, anyhow… to help you wait until tuesday, here is a little wallpaper of the strip’s first character billed on the cast list in order of appearace, our beloved Stitchford Bear.