My name is Jean Carrières. In real life, I work as Senior Producer for a video games developer (Behaviour). I’ve known both Ghislain Barbe (artist) and Lucien Soulban (writer) for decades and have always wanted to do a project with them. Due to chronic procrastination, that just never happened (I’m definitely the guilty one). But just recently, the stars have finally aligned themselves and we all came together to create this strip.

My part in all this is mostly logistics. Advertisement, managing WordPress, putting the strips up, etc. Lucien and Ghislain are the talent that’s being showcased here, and that’s who you’ll mostly read on this page. I figured I’d introduce myself just this once and then fade into the background. I may pop up from time to time for announcements and stuff, but by and large, you won’t hear from me much.

If one was into ironic metaphors, one might say I’m the puppet master in the shadows. Except that Lucien and Ghislain really aren’t puppets. Honest. I swear. 😉

This is a project that’s long been dear to my heart, inspired by some doodles Ghislain did 10+ years ago. Talking to Lucien, the concept evolved and I’ll let him tell you more about this world’s background in an upcoming post. Suffice it to say that it’s a world where puppets and their handlers interact like it’s the most natural thing in the world. Throw in a video game heroine looking for a job, a few vicious and endearing puppets, and you’ve got Get Stuffed.

So read on and don’t be shy about leaving some comments.